3 books for the future


Saturday afternoon’s are full of little luxuries.

The first is Saturday afternoon movies which are a great time to relax, but I don’t usually expect to have to think after watching one.  Today was the Rod Taylor 1960 version of the Time Machine.  At the end of the movie we find out that the Time Traveller (H. George Wells) takes three books with him back into the future.  His friend, Filby asks the question:

Which three books would you have taken?

So, that got be thinking.  It’s also were the second little luxury comes in.  If you need to have a think of a cool winter’s afternoon, no better place than in a warm, bubbly bath.  I think steam is brain lubricant.  I soaked the water cold and thought about my three books:

1. The Bible: A society and culture needs to be established and the bibles law books, histories and teaching is a good basis for a society.

2. Complete works of Shakespeare: though it would need to be translated, Shakespeare continues to give real insight into human nature and the stories would provide the basis of a set of myths and legends to help create culture.

3. Planting Guide or Survival Guide:  The Eloi are cattle and need to shown how to look after themselves.  So either a guide of how to look after crops or a guide that shows them how to hunt and forage to best advantage would be of immediate benefit.

So, for your Saturday afternoon, Which three books would you have taken?

P.S.  An interesting bit of trivia.  Though there are lot of film versions of The Time Machine, the two big ones (1960 and 2002) both have Australian actors in the main rolls (Rod Taylor and Guy Pearce).


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  2. 1. The hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    2. The Complete Sherlock Holmes
    3. The Devil’s Chaplain

    Of course, we could load up our iPods and take as many books as we like. Assuming we’d have somewhere to recharge.

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