Mother knew best


When the ocassional wart would pop up my mother would say to dab a little milk weed sap onto the wart and wrap it with a bandage.  Within a few days of filing and applying more fresh milky sap the wart would be gone.    I know the same could be said for sunspots, but I won’t get to test that for myself for a few year yet.  Now it seems the ugly and evasive milk weed is useful for more than just warts and sunspots.

I think it’s ironic that they are scowering the deepest and darkest rainforests for cancer cures when possibly  the best is growing in a crack outside their back door.  Talk about not looking for seeing.

Also I love that old wives tales have been vindicated once more.  Just possibly it may be the last time that people ignore or scoff such old solutions to problems just because it was said by their grandmother instead of a guy in a white coat.


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  1. Sir Ron Fisher (British pioneer in the use of trials) got into an argument over how to make a cup of tea. A woman insisted that the tea tasted better if you added the tea to the milk, rather than adding the milk to the tea. The scientists argued that it should make no difference at all to the taste. Fisher proposed a trial. Several cups of tea were made using both methods without the woman seeing. She tasted all the cups of tea and correctly identified whether each cup was made with the milk added first or the tea. She proved the scientists wrong!
    It turns out there is a good scientific reason why the tea should taste different. When you add milk to the tea it becomes superheated which causes proteins in the milk to deteriorate, these proteins then taste slightly sour.
    I guess it’s up to the individual whether they prefer the slightly sour tea or not.
    Of course doesn’t make any difference to those of you who prefer your tea black. 😉

  2. One should never scoff at old wives tales unless they have been proven not to work using the scientific method. The scientific method should be able to prove one way or another if it works or not. If it doesn’t work, let the scoffing commence. If it does work, lets do a little happy dance 🙂

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