Yes Fred, you can stay.


All those years of parents the world over trying to rid their lives, their homes, their children’s minds of imaginary friends only to find out that once again, they were doing the wrong thing. 

Instead of  encouraging isolation, it’s been discovered  in two recent studies that imaginary friends actually help with communication skills and children with imaginary friends grow into creative individuals.

The exercise of seeing a conversation of event from another’s point of view is a powerful skill that allows adults to empathise to their fellow human being and a child to understand what it feels like to be a teddybear.

It seems Drop Dead Fred has a repreive from the big green pills of oblivion.


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  1. There’s that interconectedness again! I’m currently reading a book of short stories called “Imaginary Friends” edited by John Marco and Martin H. Greenberg. I like all the stories I’ve read so far. Highly recommended!!

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