Well, why not…?


I get really tired of the arrogance of some scientists.  This modern priesthood (the keepers of secret wisdom) is just as full of people who make mistakes, who do dumb things and are just as political as any ancient  spectre-waving  counterparts.

The current swine flu has given us an example of how the modern priesthood is just as happy to stick its head in the sand over a new idea as any from the Inquisition

Adrian Gibbs, an Australian scientist formerly of the Australian National University and part of the team that created Tamiflu has put out the theory that the Swine flu virus (a mix three different strains of influenza from pigs, humans and birds) may have been made in a labratory and accidently released.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) were very quick to put out a press release stating they’ve investigated and see no reason to think that the virus hadn’t evolved naturally.  This was only two days after Andrian Gibbs release.  Is  two days really enough time to investigate such serious claims?

Only in 2001 a labratory mistake lead to the killing of six million animals after a foot and mouth.  As it’s happened before time and time again should such claims as Dr Gibbs are making be just brushed aside with such cusory investigations?

It smells of shere arrogance and political spin doctoring for such an organisation as WHO to come out with such statements.  The fear modern priesthood covering its collective posteriors once again?


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  1. The phrase ‘arrogance of scientists’ is a very generalised and frankly insulting one. I think many of them wouldn’t appreciate being called the ‘modern priesthood’ either.

    You’ve made an assumption that WHO are sticking their head in the sand. It is also your assumption that they only investigated within 2 days. WHO have probably been investigating the cause of the outbreak since the beginning. Okay, that’s MY assumption, but it would be logical for them to do so.

    In my experience most scientists (I won’t say all, because there’s probably some bad ones out there) are as equally happy to be proven wrong, as they are when they’re proven right. They’re all about finding the truth, and being proven wrong means they’ve learned something new and can move on in new directions.

    You have to remember you are getting your information from the media who are notorious at misquoting scientists, and often just making things up all in a bid for ratings or to sell more papers.
    Also the wikipedia article you reference does not cite any references or sources, so it’s difficult to tell how accurate it is. (BTW, the wikipedia and the Medical news links appear to have one too many http:// in them.)

    Without science, you would never even have this blog.

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