Postscript: If only he HAD been made of wax


Back in Jun 2008 I wrote a entry about the new wax figure for the Madam Tussauds in Berlin. Before it had gone on exhibit the wax character of
Adolf Hitler had cause a lot of discussion concerning the appropriateness of, if not celebrating, commemorating such a life.

It seems someone did what Rommel and others failed to do. Within minutes of the doors opening on the new Berlin Bunker exhibit a man leaped past security and ripped the Hitler’s head off.

It is true the man and his machine were responsible for terrible atrocities and they should never be forgotten or denied. But to forget he was also an average man who’s ideology struck a cord for many Germans at that time is to lose a vital lesson. He did not do those things alone. Without the support of the German people he just would have been an extremist nut. He was not a super human monster, but he was a human monster.

I’m now wondering if this model of Hitler should be made of something more durable than wax.


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