Postscript: Censoring the press…the nice way


Well, they’re certainly consistent with their censoring.  Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently sent an open letterto all media in Fiji about how the decisions of Commodore Frank Bainimarama’s military coup are affecting Fiji locally and Internationally. 

In it he speaks about the Fiji leadership moving further away from its neighbours and that actions such as throwing out the nations constitution are ruining its International standing in the region, within the Commonwealth and even with nations like the United States. 

As mentioned in a previous entry Fiji military government has enforce a total censorship over all media within the island nation.  Any article that speaks negatively about the government and its policies is censored often leaving big white stretches through newspapers and dead air on radio and television.

Not even Kevin Rudd’s letter was excepted from the censors black pen and scissors and it has been rejected for publication

But I want to end this entry on a positive spin.   There are those getting the new through.  Coup four point five is one of many blogs making information like the above available to anyone with Internet access. 

Censors can only censor what they can reach.  Let’s all do our part to ensure that their arms grow no longer.


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