When fiction is as good as life


One of my all time favourite war movies is The Great Escape.  That such amazing exploits occured  under the nosed of the Germans makes me feel good about the human race …German’s are people too.

So it was bittersweet news to hear that Alex Lees, ex-POW of the infamous Stalag Luff III has died at the age of 97.  In particular I was happy to hear is praise for the movie that made their story famous:

“It was just the way it was portrayed in The Great Escape movie”.

I’m pleased to know that in at least one example the movie industry didn’t feel the need to modify life to fit the story they wanted to tell.  It is conceivable that generations from now, the only history this anyone will know is that which comes in one hundred minute chunks with amazing special affects and a love interest.  In one example those generations will be able to say, “Hey yeah, The great escape… that was a great story.”


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