Born to choose


I guess it is only human nature to find excuses for bad behaviour. Though we’re happy to take responsibility for good things, when the excreta hits the air disturbance device no one will raise their hand.

So is it a surprise that Josef Fritzl is claiming that he was “born to rape”? That he couldn’t help himself when he created a prison below his family home, imprisoned and raped his daughter and continued to imprison her subsequent children and that resulted directly in the death of one of those children.

We find statements like this sickening because we know on a basic level that this is complete nonsense. We know that no one was forcing him to do those terrible acts, we know that nothing his daughter could have done would make her imprisonment and rape a logical response.

Choice Theory as suggested by William Glasser says that we all walk around with an image of a world where we would be happy, our Quality World. We look at the world around us and see how the world is and change our behaviour to try and make the real world as much like the world in our heads as possible. We do this by making choices about our thinking and acting and realising we can not control things relating to our feelings and our physiology.

So in this case Josef he can not control his urge for sex, he can not control his feeling of needing to dominate, but he can control thinking about how he’s going to fulfill those urges and feelings, he could control planning the prison for his daughter, he could control making the prison and putting those plans into action and he could control the act of rape.

We all have our urges, feelings and unusual make ups. Some of us have bodies that are very efficient at using and storing fat, some of us has sexual urges or self medicating issues that lead us down self destructive paths. But as I can’t do much about my efficient body I can watch what I eat and get plenty of exercise so I do not become fat. There’s a real sense of freedom to be found in that, to know I am not a slave to the animal instincts, that I can be something more than I was made.

To be honest, we’re all born to be bad but we’re also born with the freedom to choose. Please choose wisely in you life today.


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