Something to do on holidays


Afnizar Mohd had such a great idea on her blog that thought I’d copy and tag her blog to make her happy.

Answer a set of questions by finding photos on Google Image. So let’s get started:

1. Age at my next birthday : Old. Older than you Afnizar

2. A place I’d like to travel to: York, Yorkshire. A lovely old town that has more archeological history than the whole of Australia

3. A favourite place: Port Arthur, Tasmania. Beautiful part of the world that I always take a few deep breaths in.

4. A favourite thing: beautiful fountain pens. Form and function in one small pocket sized package.

5. A favourite food: Cheesecake. It’s cake, it has cheese…what else do you need.

6. A favourite colour: Sanguine (rich red). Warm, rich and comforting.

7. A favourite flower: Iris. Look at the colour on this one!

8. The city you live in: Sydney, Australia. Well 30km away, but if I said Fairfield you’d say…where?

This also answer question 9. The city you were born in

10. A nickname you’ve had: Haven’t had that many…Weese (pron. as in ease)

11. College major: College? Library Science. Brilliant image!

12. Name of first love: The Scarlet Pimpernel: Anthony Andrews is the ultimate Piratical Pimpernel of Paris

13. A bad habit: Procrastinating. Why do today what you can do tomorrow…or maybe the next day??

14. A hope for 2009: To live a life lived in hope

And so it ends. The challenge continues to the next blog reader.


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