Talk about your droughts and flooding rains…


Aussies are constants surprised at the extremes out country throws at us. Though these contrasts are well know and celebrated in the famous poem My country it is still seen as a wonder when it occurs. Victoria, like much of Eastern Australia has been in drought for a number of years. Recently, massive fire swept through the heart of the state and wiped whole townships off the map. Kinglake was one off them.

One the day that Sydney and Melbourne unite in a massive charity concert for fire and flood victims called Sound Relief, the heavens open up and drench Victoria in more rain than they’ve seen all year finally putting out the last of the fires in an answer to prayer.

Only problem, is now Kinglake is almost cut off my flood waters with their main road to Melbourne under water. Surely this is more than unfortunate, this is true and twisted irony that this land is know for. No wonder we have an odd sense of humour.


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