Not my details you don’t


Sometimes I feel a little paranoid, especially when it comes to money. I realise I’m not very skilled at handling money and I do tend to close down when someone suggests ideas of what I can do with it. But today I found out I have good reason to be paranoid, especially when you get cold-called by the bank.

I was home when the call came through at about 7pm. The woman on the end of the line gave the usual cold-call spiel. There was lots of talk about the conversation being recording for training purposes and needing to check my Internet banking details. That rang bells right then. I couldn’t see why I should have to give my details when it was ANZ bank that was having the issues with security. When she gave me a 1800 number I could ring to confirm that the call was legitimate they did not correspond to any that I had on my debit card to bank statement.

I left her with a promise to get back in touch with her with no intention of doing so. Instead this morning I went to a branch on the way to work and checked with them what I had been told the night before. Not only did they not call customers to confirm any details my record had my old phone number and address so they could not have rung me at my new address even if they wanted to.

Sometimes it pays to be paranoid.



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