In defence of Clarkson


I’m sure I don’t need to go into bat for Jeremy Clarkson, co-host of Top Gear, but it does seen a little unjust to make him apologise for a comment made at an Australian press conference recently.

He described the British Prime Minister as a One-Eyed Scottish idiot ,a description that seems to fit well. Gordon Brown, who must be the most uninspiring leader that Britain has ever known in it’s centuries of democracy, is indeed Scottish and has in fact lost the sight in one eye. For the Royal Institute for the Blind to get involved seems a little precious and frankly none of their business.

I’m not quite sure what the Royal Institutes issue was with the comment. Do they find it disagreeable to refer to the British Prime Minister as Scottish or as an idiot?  Surely they can’t be concerned that he was being called one eyed, it’s hardly something derogatory…unless that think that many of their clients are national embarrassments.

England, like Australia, has a real antagonistic relationship with its leaders. It is assumed that one of the roles of Prime Minister is the ability to be about to take a joke or two, however distasteful. A Prime Minister does not need some PC police of a Society to stick up for him.

Please can we leave our righteous indignation for something that matters?


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