MMM – a disorder of the 21st Century


What does it say about a person when they are constantly amazed at how quickly the year has gone?  I can only assume I’m not giving my self enough chances to just sit back and look around…which I don’t believe as I am by nature pretty lazy and like nothing better than a comfy chair and a think.


Some would say that I spend too much time lazing around and not doing something productive with my time.  Possibly, but then I can look around me at the all the things we’d done to the house, the plays we’ve been to see, the activities I’ve helped run at work and church and know that life has been very productive, how much more does one need to do?


So what then?  Getting old.  Well yeah, but the world is not full of people my age and older with a shocked or dazed expression on their face as they try to work out where the past year went.  Maybe they have better memories than me and can actually work out what they did with all 365 days.  I wonder if I have some sort of middle memory recall problem.



You’ve heard of short-term memory, trying to remember facts that you’ve only just heard in the last hour or two, and long term memory, the one that Alzheimer’s sufferers constantly relive.  I’ve got to think I’m missing my middle memory, the bits that are longer than a few days ago but shorter than years ago.  I even have a name for the condition:  MMM – Middle Memory Miasma, where the days meld into a seamless miasma of meaningless memory. 


Do you think MMM is widespread.  Often people think it’s just them until they start talking about it and they find that they’re not alone.  I wonder if I could start a support group?  Do you think you suffer from MMM?  If you do, what would you consider the symptoms are, just to help those trying to work out if they do have MMM.




Middle Memory Miasma

Where did the year go?



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  1. Only thing about writing a self help book is I don’t have any anwers to how to combat MMM. Or maybe I’m just being niave. Not having read any self-help books, possibly their purpose is not to give solutions to the issue but to show the reader their not alone in facing the issue in question.

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