Why Yorick, what big compositions you have!

Say...I know you!

Say...I know you!


I love Shakespeare’s play particularly teenage angst driven epic, Hamlet.  But I wouldn’t say I have a head for it.

This is one description that Andre Tchaikowsky, famous pianist and composer, could claim with absolute confidence.  Not only did he create an opera for the Merchant of Venice, he is currently staring in Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart.  Which is quite a feat when you discover he’s been dead for 26 years. 

 In the roll of Yorick, the jester who’s head is exhumed by grave diggers, Andre was eminently qualified for the roll after bequeathing his head to the Royal Shakespeare Company.  But, for fear of how it would affect the actors, director Greg Doran didn’t make it know that the skull was real and who’s it was until after the 22 performance season had been completed.  It seems Andre had only been used in rehersals before as actor just couldn’t get over the fact that they were hold an actual person’s skull.

Fortunately, Andre is finally set to make his mark on London theatre when he will be in the current season at the Novello Theatre.  Let’s hope that his career, albiet limited, builds from here.



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  3. Now there’s a play I’d love to see. Not much of a Shakespeare fan, but would love to hear that language in the well spoken voices of Tennant and Stewart.

    Very interesting story regarding the scull! Nice post!

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