The English language has a new word.


It says something sad about our world when the latest word to make it into the official English language is one that expresses indifference and lack of enthusiasm. 

Collin’s English Dictionary has just released its 30th edition with a lack-luster addition to the language.  “Meh: an interjection to indicate indifference or boredom, an adjective to describe something as boring or mediocre, or to show an individual is apathetic or unimpressed”

And what do we think about this new word entering the English language?



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  1. I’m not too worried about the english language. While we have a strong tradition of fictional writing, people will still be force to read actual words. Besides English has always been an evolving language, stealing bits from here and there to suit. Phrases like ASAP and fyi are standard language without damaging communication. And at least one contraction, p.s., is going out of style as we don’t write letters anymore.

    But I do think it sad that the latest word recognised by an important dictionary is a word that describes our apathy.

  2. Says a LOT about our culture and shows to an extent (and I’m talking about what I’ve seen here) that some of us are becoming lazy writers. I’m waiting for the day when words like “LOL” and “OMG” also are added to the Dictionary as well and I’m afraid it might be closer than we think. That’s no joking matter!

    What happened to the days when we actually had to write a complete sentence to convey our thoughts. I miss those days!

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