Have I been curses…?


I have a sneaking suspicion, that I have been cursed. 

This curse has manifest itself in a most unusual way.  Since moving libraries in August I have lost three mugs in suspicious circumstances.

The first cup, one I had brought over with my from my old workplace and had been with me for years, disappeared in a clean up.  The other staff joked that I must have thrown it out with the rest of the rubbish, but as my dear cup friend was nowhere near the clean up, not even this not so amusing explanation fits.

So, I bought a tea cup from home.  It was old and had sentimental value to me as it was indeed older than me and made me feel connected to a grand tea drinking tradition.  It work flawlessly as it had done for all those years for about a week, then developed a nasty leaking crack.  At least I knew that I had thrown that poor friend away.

The thirds was a glass coffee mug from a $2.00 shop in  the area.  I knew that it didn’t have anywhere near the quality of the other two but it was a standard coffee mug, nothing fancy, what could go wrong?  In the glass mug’s second week I made a good hot cup of tea and filled it to the brim.  I then left it on a formica bench to cool as I went about opening the library for the morning. From behind me I heard a soft explosion, like a dropped bag of flour.  Surrounding the counter, for several metres, was a circle of glass pieces from coin size down to sparkling slivers.  On the counter a brown stain was threatening a keyboard and mouse with a tsunami of tea.

In shock, I needed help from another staff member to clear the dangerous situation before opening.  I kept thinking, “What if I had been taking a drink when that decided to explode?”  My current cup was brought in with this in mind. 

It was a mug I ‘d had for years in storage on some deluded fantasy that I would one day need a glory box.  The set of four was bought at a party, the equivalent of Tupperware for glass.  I have put my trust in this mug’s microwave and dishwasher safe guarantee to break this awful curse and make tea time less stressful and dangerous.

Time will only tell.


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