Welcome to Vulgaria!


I don’t get it.  Do people forget what they were like when they were kids?  Do they think they were angels who never did a thing wrong and always remembered to say please and thank you? 

 Barnardo’s, the children’s charity group recently did a survey in Britian which found that more than 50% of people believe that children now behave like animals with 36% feeling they needed to be protected from children  (I like that this second articles specify that it’s the Scots who think this way).

What?  Are we getting old and afraid of the life and energy of the young?  Working in a public library and voluteering in youth activities has shown me that the latest crop of teenagers are as big a pack of ratbags as my generations was and I can bet their tamer than the excesses of the Baby Boomber’s teenage years.

From this survey many people seem to feel that their world reflects the society of A Clockwork Orange where passive adults are terrorised by gangs of youth.  In reality, the world is more like the childcatchercountry of Vulgaria from the novel Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  A community of old people who have forgotten what it is to be young.  A community who believe that children should be locked away out of sight.   A community that believes it needs character like opposite to ‘keep it safe’.

If you still think things are bad, check our what Plato and Socrates had to say about youth in their day.


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