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When does virtual life become reality? Is there are difference or it is only in the mind of the beholder? If your character is deleted either by an angry virtual ex-wife or by a malfuntioning server has it actually been murdered or are you deluded?

You know what this is about right, the Japanese woman who deleted her virtual ex-husbands avatar from ‘Maple Story’ because he divorced her within the story. Please note, married ‘in the story’ and divorced ‘in the story’. Not real, not lawyers or legally binding contracts. I would defying them to say there was any intense emotional bond. The woman seems more angry that she was dumped without warning, than that her emotional world has come crumbing down around her. But I digress.

Unlike other incidence where virtual crime has led to big conviction, this story has not real life implications. Where there is fraud or attempted kidnapping then it is only sense that that real police should be involved. But no one has died, and as mentioned here, surely the Maple Story people can reinstall the character from back up. If not, oh well, no worse than what happens to me when my 360 has one of its famous fits. Build a bridge and make a new character and DON’T GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO STRANGERS EVEN ONES YOUR IMAGINARILY MARRIED TO!!

Well need to send homocide in when he goes missing next.

We laugh at kids for thinking there’s such things as boogie-men and yet police get called in a the woman dragged 600miles away from her home for killing off someone elses imaginary friend. Watch out Drop Dead Fred, your next.

We’ll need to send homocide in when he goes missing.

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  1. I guess it all depends on how involved you become with your on-line persona. We’ve all become so involved in a novel we’ve been reading as to get emotional when a beloved character dies or has tragic misfortune. I guess, for those who don’t have much going on in their real life, or who crave more than what they have, an alternative on-line life could become all-encompassing.

    I don’t believe we should start calling the deliberate deletion of someone’s avatar a murder, but conversely I don’t want to sit in judgement on these people either. I don’t know what their lives are like, or what drives them to become so involved in their on-line lives, but it is their life. Imagined or not. Who is to say which is more real for these people?

    It’s a bit like the difference between dreaming and real life. A distinction that can become incredibly blurred. There is a book called ‘The Head Trip’, (I can’t look at it at the moment, Mum has it.) but the author talks about different states of consciousness, and how the brain fills in pictures when you’re looking at things, much the same way as in dreaming, suggesting conscious states can be intermingled. I haven’t articulated that very well. If you want to know more, I’ll photocopy the relevant section of the book for you.

    I’m really not sure what point I was trying to make now. It’s certainly an interesting topic. Thanks for writing about it.

    Having just re-read what I’ve written, I guess the difference between dreams and real life, is that in real life your words and actions have consequences for other people. Can the same be said for an on-line life?

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