And I thought this current generation of kids were suppose to be the computer generation.  Their whole lives on the net, literate and computer savvy. 

One girl (14 years old I guess) comes in with a floppy disk as asked can she use it on our machines.    As our machines were built last century they are happy to take floppy discs.  I give her access to a computer and off she goes.  A few moments later she’s back, the tray to take the disc doesn’t work. 


 It’s a floppy disc, 3 1/2 inch plastic case protecting a flimsy magnetic disc…there is no tray, just a hole to stick into.  So, I go look.  Seems fine to me.  I ask for her disc to give it a go, she hands me the magnetic disc.  No, not the plastic outer casing with the metal spring loaded gate, but the flimsy disc that gives the floppy disc it’s name.  The casing was still in her other hand.

What gets me is she bought it from the library and used it previously…someone had shown her how to use it and it had been done sucessfully before.  Why did she feel the need to destroy it this time?


And then today there was a 4 year old boy with his mum.  She was using a computer and he was bored so I gave him a “Little Aussie Reader”.  These are free A4 sized booklets to help promote reading to children and their parents.  He was very happy to receive the book but soon came up to me and asked, ” Where do I press?”

“I don’t understand. ”

“Where are the buttons to press?” He said thinking that it was obvious that it should have buttons.

I then spent 5 minutes explaining what books are for and how to use them. 

I know that they will turn out all right in the end (we did), but somedays I sigh for our future generations.


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