Really magic stones


Sometime people really do asked to be ripped off.

A happy find in the library lead me to the discover of Chatter Stones, a toy made of two shaped and polished pieces of what some shops claim to be Hematite (sometimes they call it magnetic Hematite) a naturally occurring iron oxide. Besides being very pretty and tactility satisfying they are strongly magnetic.

I was enchanted.

After playing with the one found the in the library against the desensitiser (itself a large magnet) I went searching the web for stores that stocked these little wonders. Sometimes called Singing Money Balls (not kidding) I found these on a few science toy shops for about $3.95 to $4.95 a pair.

I then stumbled across this site claiming that the ‘Magnetic Hematite Singing Power Stones’ could have the following uses:

  • Healing
  • Meditation
  • Grounding (only if you find yourself on the Magnetic Island I’m thinking)
  • Amulet
  • Metaphysical
  • Desk Toy
  • Stress Relief
  • Aid to quit smoking
  • Jet lag
  • Fridge Magnet

Very magical little items you may think. Well not as magical as their price. For $14.95 you get your $3.95 magnetic stones as well as an 8 page (that’s two A4 pages folded in half with a staple through the middle) and a fake suede pouch.

To top this off the magnetic hematite (check out link above) that these ‘stones’ are made of is not hematite at all. It’s a man-made substance that has no hematite in it whatsoever making it a very cool toy as well as a real fake natural cure-all.

Very magic, magic stones.

Postscript:   Found in Franklins for $AU3.95.


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  1. What a rip-off! I’m sure there are loads of gullible people out there who might buy them. Perhaps the girl in your previous post. 😉

    On think geek they’re called “Singing Monkey Balls”. Tee hee, I like that name.

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