Nintendo wii, dic…where are the pharts?


I believe it’s only a matter of time.  The Nintendo Wii game console has really made an impression on the market, and not just because of the innovative interfaces.  Before we got our hands on a wiimote our hands were going to our smirking lips or being flung in the air in disgust.  Who thought that ‘Wii’ would be a great name of for a game console!?  I won’t got into the list of bad jokes and puns (I’m sure many have already).  I would have been happy to believe that the name is an aberration, a mistake that would never be repeated.

That was until I found out about Nintendo DS Touch Dic


So why these awful even offensive names?  I have a theory.

Everyone who buys for children or have children know the absolute fascination with anything earthy.  Add a bottom joke into any situation and kids will…well… wet themselves with glee.   So, it just makes marketing sense to make the titles of your products as earthy as possible to make them appealing to this very powerful consumer group.  This theory is also supported by the fact that the name ‘Touch Dic’ is an US initiative.  In Korea, if you were to buy the same product, you would have to ask for a DS Touch Dictionary.  Where else but in the country that brought us mass marketing would you expect a new marketing scheme.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Potty marketing is here!

And as my title suggested, I fortell the coming of a new add-on for either the Wii or DS called a ‘Phart’.  What this creation will do, I have no idea, but it expect it for the Christmas sales.




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  2. So you’re saying that this is a marketing technique? Good thinking, it could may well be.

    But some of the silly names that they name these consoles is ridiculous!

    Cheers for the post.

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