They won the moral test


You know those questions you get at school to get discussion going about moral choices about what is legal and what is right.  One of them goes, “…if you found a brown paperbag full on money in the street and there is no one around, would you keep it?”

Whereas I would happily tuck it into my bag and off to the shops, this family have won the moral test competition.  The brown paperbag (would you believe it, who uses brown paperbags?!) in question lay on their front lawn for a few days, another piece of garbage blown in from the street until the son of the household picked it up and had a look. 

I can only imagine the surprise and puzzlement on his face when he tried to make sense of hundreds of hundreds lining the bottom of this supposed garbage.  I guess two or three looks were required plus a confirmation with family member to really make sure what was being seen was actually there.

Responsible and law-abiding as this family is they then took it to the police station so claims on the money can be made…only if you can identify it.  Detective Constable Andrea Smith has said, “… the people that find it can make an application to get the money back.”  I guess it’s not a lot to do for a several thousand dollar windfall, but why should they make an application for a piece of garbage dumped on their front lawn?

Maybe that’s just my ammoral sensabilities showing.


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  1. I heard the money has been claimed since. I wonder if the family got a bit of a reward. What on earth was that lady doing wandering around with $10, 000 in her handbag anyway?

    Great story though! Can’t say what I would’ve done.

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