Let the Joker’s Run


Just imagine you were part of a social group, an organised association with members from all sorts of backgrounds who’s one driving interest brings you all together. Now, some members of this organisation have been involved in illegal activities and may have used the club as a front for these activities. Does that make you, a passionate member and friend to these individuals, also guilty of a crimes? Does it give the police an excuse to listen in to your phone conversations and raid your family home on the off chance they’ll catch you at something illegal?

Well, if the South Australian State Government have their way that is exactly what will happen. On the back on recent terrorist legislation, the government has put through a bill that can make any organisation illegal and put anyone in jail for up to five years for communication with the group or members.

It’s a pretty harsh law when you consider terrorists, but this new bill is aim not at political or religious extremists, but at biker gangs. And the law is not specific to bikies and could be used at anytime against any group with no presumption of innocence or right of appeal. Both the Bar Association and the Law society believe that this bill is unconstitutional.

Acting Premier Kevin Foley said, “I think mums and dads of this state wanting their families and societies kept safe from these filth.” except this story came to light at the same time the above. We need to remember that most crime is done by Mr and Mrs Average not your Big Bad Bikies. Destroying a community of men and women that feel they already have no place in ‘normal’ society is not going to stop crime and it may well increase it.


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