Shadow of a ministry


Australian’s just received news on the latest Federal Budget.  The new government wanted to put on a good show, but they also had to play very conservative at the moment and the budget came down a little disappointing for a few groups. 

The first is the solar power industry who has lost a government rebate for some households putting on solar energy collection systems.  Households with a combined income of $150,000 will no longer receive the rebate and the industry is complaining this will lead to job losses.

A second group is new parents with combined incomes above $150,000 who will now miss out on the $5,000 baby bonus

As expected the Leader of the Opposition, Dr Brendan Nelson rebutted the governments plans and added his own ideas of what should be in a Federal budget.  He did not feel that the above issues were big enough for him to tackle.  His great multipronged attack runs as follows.

  • Reduce the petrol excise by 5c per litre saving the average car $2.50 per $75.00 tank of petrol.
  • Bocking taxes on luxury cars over $57,000 dollars even though the government has places a exemption for disabled drivers and families with disabled members who require the larger cars.
  • Fighting the government in a war of words now being dubbed “The battle of the breezers”.   The government is slugging mixed drinks with a large tax which they hope will help curb teenager drinkers from binge drinking.  Instead the shadow ministry don’t see there is a youth binge drinking issue which seems to revolve around these sweet easy to drink and highly alcoholic ‘alcopops‘.

I can see were Dr (not medical) Brendan Nelson is going with this… it’s really very clever.  He’s playing to our addictions of course, cars and petrol and alcohol!  Brilliant.  But I don’t think he went far enough.  Here’s a few suggestions from me for next budget:

  • Lower the age for gambling to 13 years old…won’t the kiddies love those poker machines! 
  • Government should give grants to television stations to produces those quality-rich reality TV series like ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Big Brother’. 
  •  A compulsory National Sports Service (NSS) for all Australian citizens 18-35 years old where everyone must participate in some community based sport for  a predetermined number of years.  This will help defend our great nation from those who would dare take away our coveted sporting achievements.

Brendan!  There are more important things that fizzy drinks a petrol rebate that wouldn’t buy a Mars Bar.  Get back to your grass roots man, the people who earn over the $150,000 threshold that are being screwed this budget. 

I’m afraid  the Australian people are seeing why the Liberal government lost the last election.



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