Ain’t techology wonderful!


There’s a set of advertisments for an insurance company that go something like

“…unless your car […house…other consumable…] takes care of itself…” Brand Name Insurance will give you a better deal.

Well, step aside Brand Name Insurance because our things are looking after themselves. 

A woman, who had had her Macbook stolen, remotely activated the webcam inbuilt on the device and collected pictures of the two men who had stolen it.

I love this.  I can see your car being ‘called home’ after someone has stolen it, your house phone you if someone trips the alarm (actually this sounds like something that could already happen) and your luggage ensuring that it get’s on the right plane.  No more will iPod’s and umbrellas be left on public transport, they’ll warn with a cry of distress when you get up to go. 

Now if technology could stop people from actually stealing in the first place…that would be wonderful!


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