Anyone home?


Old phoneI had an odd phone call on the weekend from a complete stranger.  When I answered the phone without preable the woman on the other end asked “Are you home?”  You have to understand, this was a landline phone.  I do recognise that calls can be diverted to your mobile,  but all I wanted to reply with was, “How would I be answering the phone if I wasn’t?”

After explaining to the woman she has the wrong number my sister and I spend some time giving decent answers to that question. “Are you home?”

“No they’re not.  This is the answering machine, leave a message after the tone.  *beep*”

“No, I sent my body out to do a little shopping, I’m astral resting.”

“No this is the friendly neighbourhood elephant.  Is this a trunk call?” (I don’t know either)

“Yes, but it’s not mine.”

“How did you guess?”

Any other suggestions?


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  1. “Let me go knock on the front door and see.”

    ” No, I went a few minutes ago dear, but I expect I’ll be back shortly.” (Stole that from ‘Fawlty Towers’)

    “Are any of us really ever home?”

    “Define what you mean by home.”

    “Yes, but I left my heart in San Francisco.”

    “No, you’ve dialled directly into my brain. I’m actually visiting a friend somewhere in the vicinity of Beetlejuice 5.”

    “Isn’t the question supposed to be, ‘What are you wearing?'”

    This is fun, but I have to go eat now.

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