Where are we again???


I had stupidly thought that Australia was sufficiently well enought known now that we didn’t have that issue with being confused with another European nation. 

It was always the running joke.  Some American (typically) getting all befuddled and wondering why there are no kangaroos in “The Sound of Music” or amazed that “You Aassies speak really good English.”

All that changed when I read about the Austrian father locking his 18 year old daughter and subsequent children (by him) in a dungeon-like basement.  It’s the sort of story that makes you hope for the door to his solitary confinement cell to be left unlocked the day (and everyday) ‘Big Bertha’ is on the prowl.  Certianly not the sort of story you want to have your country associated with.  Then I read the Sydney Morning Herald online yesterday:

The Times of London reported last night that Australian police believe that only Elisabeth, Fritzl’s daughter was sexually abused while a prisoner and not the children.

No.  I’m sure, though like all of us the Australian Police Forces were, shocked and disgusted, but they would not have had anything to say formally about this case.  Why?  Because this story is from AUSTRIA! 

Note, I did say from the Sydney Morning Herald.  As in Sydney, capital city of New South Wales, Australia.  Not only are the journalist at the SMH happy to rip off an overseas news site for stories  but they don’t even think to change an obvious error.

Oh, don’t bother about checking the spelling on the link now.  It seems they what they lack in editing skills the SMH staff have in  patching up such errors and within a few hours the Australia had been changed to Austria as it should have been in the first place.




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