2008: Year of the wha…?


I hadn’t hear a thing about what 2008 was the international year of until the local paper promoted a children program at the Sydney Botanical Gardens. You’ve got to wonder who decides the theme for the UN haven’t you, when they set aside a whole year to the promotion of…the Potato.

But, beside the obvious importance of potatoes as food and cash crops all over the world I wondered if there couldn’t be something else we could learn from the potato.  So here it is.

Ten ways people can be like potatoes.

1.  Ugly is beautiful:  knobbly and dirty does not mean useless and maybe even beautiful

2.  Versitility and flexibility:  isn’t that why we love potatoes?

3.  Life sustaining:  whole nations rely on the protein that potatoes provide in abundance.

4.  Not afraid of a little dirt:  of course potatoes rely on it, but we also shouldn’t be afraid of a little hard  work

5. Better roasted or fried:  wouldn’t it be wonderful to say that you were as good under pressure as the humble potato?

6.  Eyes everywhere: we have a great world, be aware of all the wonders in it.

7.  Give generously:  just like one small seed potato you grow food for a whole family.

8.  Poisonous relatives doesn’t mean you have to be too.

9.  Wonderful groundbreaker:  trailblazers, where would the history of mankind be without them?

10.  Willing to die to give new life: though the potato plant literally dies off when the potatoes are ready to harvest, we can give our all for the good we believe in.

I even thought of one way we should not be like potatoes:

One way not to be like a potato

1.  Thin skinned and hard hearted:  we need to get these two the other way around if we’re ever going to learn to live together.



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