Whale sushi or kangaroo burgers?


It amazes me how the world can get so upset over 400 giant rodents. Yes, I know they are marsupials and are not actually related to rodents at all, but I’m making a point.

There are thousands on kangaroos on land they can not get out of on their own. These animals, as a species, are not endangered, in fact Eastern Grey are pretty over abundant everywhere they live. If left alone these animal will breed themselves to starvation. I think we can all agree that it would be a very cruel death.

On the same piece of land are some not very pretty bug who are endangered. They have no where else to go, but no one cares about them because they are ugly and don’t have large brown eyes and sweet little babies.

Solution, move kangaroos. Quite an ordeal for a wild animal. Some will die on the trip, also not a pleasant way to go. Then what, where should they be located to? No farmers will want 400 hungry kangaroos to wipe out his drought weakened paddocks, you can bet he’d be culling them and not with a lethal injection. Solution 2.0, cull the kangaroos where they are, lethal injection is painless, given to hundreds of dogs all over the country everyday. So that’s sorted, right?

WRONG! Now the world thinks it can tell Australia what it can do with it’s wildlife.

Sorry, none of you have the righteous grounds to speak on this topic. Europe’s landscape and wildlife is the man-made manipulation of thousands of years. And now Japan – “…pass the soy sauce this whale is delicious…” – have decided that they can score a few points as well.

Sorry Japan we still don’t think that killing lots of endangered whales in International and Australian waters a great idea. No, we don’t think it’s anything like the cute kangroos you like to pet and feed bread to on your holidays to the ‘barbarian lands’. No, we don’t think lethal injections are as cruel as explosive headed harpoons. When minke whales start breeding in plague proportions in your backyard with no where else for them to go then possibly we’ll be on the same page. Until then…”yes, I’ll have a roo burger, extra sauce please.”

And still the drama continues.  Now they’re calling in the big guns…now their asking from help from… The McCartney’s!


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