Paper aeroplanes…not just for naughty students or bored office workers


Who had thunked it!  A paper aeroplane making a the trip from space through the heat of reentry back to earth.

No joke, honest!

JAXA or Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency in conjunction with origami masters have created a ‘paper jet’ that the believe will make it back through reentry.  What get’s me is the sample plane that they’ve been working on. 

Paper space jet designer

Remembering that this project is promised $300,000 US dollars a year to do this,  could they have not got a paper aeroplane that didn’t look like it had been made from a 13 year old’s homework?  For goodness sake!  Can I get a job making paper aeroplanes for $300,000 US a year?  I’d at least make them out of pretty paper.


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  1. It seems they’ve done testing in wind tunnels. Maybe it’s a special paper, but they’ve been very keen on the actual shape of the craft not the material (at least as the article reads). As I said, let me test paper aeroplanes for a very good living.

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