Not the only home renovations going on



It seems out household is not the only one going through renovations at the moment.

The golden orb weaver (above) and her sisters is out to build a better home for 100 or so babies before the winter frosts start. With last summer so cool and wet, the orb weavers had not had their usual time to set themselves up for winter. Now that we’re seeing some warmer weather they’ve come out and put on the most amazing displays.

I can attest to this personally, as you can see below. These were all taken yesterday morning all within 500 metres of each other. I knew those early morning walks were good for something.








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    • Very cool pictures yourself. We had a…pet? Orb Weaver living in a lovely golden web all summer. She was very productive, creating two cocoon of eggs before literally falling off her perch just as winter was making its presence felt.

      You can see a picture of her here. You can even see her tiny mate on the otherside of the web to her.

  1. There’s another to go up but I haven’t had a chance since. It was an amazing morning. I’m afraid the cold weather had hit the spiders hard and the webs are disappearing.

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