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    Andrew Gaze flag carrier at Sydney Olympic Games

      An email I sent off the the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s office this morning:

      I wish to draw the Prime Minister’s attention to recent news story about the Czech and Polish government leaders turning down their invitations to the Beijing Olympic Games Opening ceremony.

      I would suggest that this would also be an appropriate response for Australia’s Prime Minister. I would like to go as far as suggesting that the sports men and women be encourage to also not attend. The Australian flag flying alone around the stadium would send a very clear message that the Australian people do not agree with China’s stand in Tibet.

    I must say Kevin Rudd is doing a little more than a token effort on this score. As part of a highly publicised 17 day world tour, our Kev will be meeting with the Chinese President on the Tibetian issue.

      Over the next 17 days Mr Rudd will meet some of the world’s most powerful leaders as he continues on to London, Beijing, Brussels, Bucharest and southern China.

      One of his most challenging tasks will be talks with Chinese President Hu Jintao on the issue of the recent violence in Tibet.

      ‘We need to be clear, contextual, blunt about these difficulties as well as acknowledging that there are many areas where we continue to work productively and effectively with the Chinese,’ Mr Rudd told the ABC’s 7.30 Report this week.

    But lets get them where it hurts. Lets make a show that they cannot edit out of live telecastes going all over the world. Lets withdraw our participation from the cultural and politican statement which is the Opening Ceremony.

    Since I sent this email Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has come out saying boycotts don’t work, not even the Dalai Lama didn’t support one. That may be true. It may also be true that staying away may have the opposite effect and make China pull away from the International community like a bullied child and refuse peaceful talks. Personally, I still find it galling that a country that treats a neighbour so bad should be holding the Olympics, a suppposed symbol of peace between nations. Maybe the IOC needs to take some responsibility for this state of affairs.


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