“…but why didn’t you call?”


Is cry of every parent of teenagers at some time or other.  Awful senarios start playing through the heads of the waiting responsible adults.  Are they okay? Have they been hurt? Does someone have them and won’t let them go?.  And then the forgetful child is dropped off or drives around the corner of the street.  It’s no surprise that many children have been embarrased, by pyjama clad parents running up the street towards them in relief and anger, into remembering that precious phone call.

 So what does Angela say to her parents when after five days missing from their unsecured and ransacked house?  “…but why didn’t you call?” just doesn’t seem to be enough.

 I won’t rewrite the story, Dan Oakes from the Sydney Morning Herald has already done such a good job here.  What interests me is when adults turn back into teenagers.

These were not stupid people, not usually irresponsible people.  Dr Roy Ostell and his wife Heather Ostell has persumably raised four children to adulthood, the doctor had an active practice in the area.  I’m sure, over the years, they would have given the same line to young Angela when she came home late after a fun night with her friends. 

So why, now that they’re late middle age do they think (or not think) they can do whatever they like without consequence?  After all those years of reponsible living do they then just leave the doors open on the house, the tea undrunk on the sink, not even leave a message? 

 Adults that behave like children; it’s the end of the world!!


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