Short staffed; short healthed


feel_sick.jpg I have a cold and feel the need to gripe; lucky you!

On a friendly comparrison of the amounts of sick leave each staff at our branch had, I came up on top with 128 days. That’s a third of a year I could take off if I found myself that unable to work. The others protested that I never take days off, that I’d rather slump semi-conscious in a corner before giving up said corner for my cozy bed. Not true, I love my bed.  But I don’t often fall sick and I must admit I start feeling guilty knowing that the rest of the staff have to do my shifts as well as their own if I’m off for more than a few days.

So, here I am at work, on a day I could easily be sitting back and watching the cricket and this branch of 7 staff is running on 3. One staff member on annual leave,two on sick leaves, one at training and me wishing that I could actually have one of those days off.

And people wonder why I don’t take days?!


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