A warning to all dog lovers


Mike, the six month old Jack Russel Terrier, has come to live at my father’s house under sad circumstances. He’s a perfectly happy and healthy young lad who’s only problem is at my father’s house is he’s the youngest inhabitant by 10 years and all the old fogies look down on him. So how did he come to find himself in such a pickle? This is the sad part.

His previous owners, a caring couple with two young children thought it would be great to have a pet dog around the house. Great! Wonderful! But anyone would tell you that it is inadvisable to have Jack Russels, around small children. For children aged 8+, Jack Russels are their best mates with similar rough behaviour and same stamina. Children 5 and under who have never had a dog just don’t know how to deal with this yappy snappy creature who can leap over their heads.

Also, supposedly mature and wise parents own racing pigeons. Now I have no hard facts, but as anyone who knows Jack Russels can attest to, ANYTHING THAT MOVES IS FUN! I think a flock of fat grey balls with flapping jack-russell-terrier.jpgappendages circling the backyard would be a Jack Russell’s idea of heaven. It’s not a hard stretch of the imagination to believe that said wise parents probably came home to feathers in the backyard on more than on occasion.

So wise and responsible adults were going to have the loving bundle of joy put down. A six month old perfectly happy, healthy and well adjusted fellow snuffed out by callous humans. Yes, if we can’t be bothered to make the correct decisions in the first place let’s just kill it and be done with the problem once and for all. It seems the solution to all life’s problems doesn’t it?

Through friend of a friend my father found about Mike’s demise and offered him a home. He knew his geriatric companions would not thank him for the new housemate, but better the arthritis crew get a little well needed exercise getting away from the excitable one, than the thought of dog being killed for no other reason that it’s owners couldn’t be bothered to think.

So, please, please, please those of you planning to get a dog; DO YOUR RESEARCH! There’s heaps of information on the Internet and Animal shelters and Animal Welfare Leagues usually have someone on staff who can tell you how that breed will behave. A well chosen pet is an asset to a family, but a badly chosen one can be a nightmare for human and animal alike.


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  1. imi palc foarte mult rasa de jack russell sunt adoratii mei :X :* 😀 ….. pe catelel meu , MILO e tare dragut dar e rau :((. intr-o zi a venit un bichon si a muscat-o a traso de urechi…..de aceaq macar as dori unsfat ca sa nu mai fie asa rau. …. Va MULTUMESC! ANALIA

    • Translated from Romanian by Google:

      I very much twins jack russell breed is my adoration: X: *: D … .. catelel on my MILO is very nice but it’s bad: ((. someday came a Bichon and a bit of ear traso aceaq … .. the least I would like unsfat not to be so bad. … . Thank you! ANAL

      Thanks Patricia. Jack Russels are awesome…and VERY naughty.


  2. Mikey is now an essential part of the family. How he sits on the backrests of chairs so he can see out of windows, how he amuses himself my throwing his toys in the air or how on winter’s nights he makes his nests of old blankets and towels. Life with be lesser if he wasn’t around.

  3. We love,love,love did I mention love all of our Jackies.Can’t live without them.I have very young grand babies 2yrs 1 yr and 2 mos old they have never been in harms way!I also raise cockateils.We do NOT attempt to leave them all out at the same time!What were Mike’s previous owners thinking.Oh that is right you said they were not thinking! Hooray for Mike i love ya baby!

  4. Well, we’ve had Mike for twelve months now and there’s never been a sign of biting. He can still get pretty rough as he never know when to say die, but he really does know that people are NOT for biting. I would not have a issue leaving him with children, though I think his pogo hopping would put off a lot of small children.

  5. I own 6 jack russel terriers and love them all.I have to say that all 6 of them love and play with my 4yr old and 16 month old daughter.she dress’s gabe up and they lay together my angel checks on my daughter thru the bight at her crib making sure she is ok. Now don’t get me wrong the mice,rats,squirrels, groundhogs and on some occassions the cats, don’t stand a chance they will hunt and hunt hard. I know my 14 year old Jack is a littke tempermental so I keep a close eye on him. I know he is going deaf and has cataracts so he startles easily and doesn’t have the tolerance but he knows not to hurt them he will walk away n hide! So I am not sure about the kid thing. Maybe I am lucky and have bought n rescued good dogs only. Jacks are the Best!! Least we think so here! I do agree tho research your dog before u get one not everyone can handle their drive, passion ,dedication and energy!

  6. I have just read your story on the Jack Russell. I have two mini foxies and again they are not suitable to be with kids under 8 and they love anything that moves also. pigeons would be lovely game to them.

    anyhting not nailed down disappears or gets chewed up, but I would not be without them as they are alos a bundle of fun

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