Baby’s having a baby


When is young, too young to be having a baby?  Can a young mother really be expected to be physically up to the task, will she has the maturity to care for the little life in her care and when that first tusk appears will she be about to cope.

 Tusk?  Well we are talking about an 8 year old Asian Elephant called Thong Dee who lives in Taronga Zoo, Sydney.  Her child, expected June 2009, will be the first elephant born in Australia.  This alone is enough to get the media in a frenzy, a national first and another life added to a species engangered in their natural habitat.  Smiles all round, or so you’d think.Elephant untrasound

Greens (minority political party that claim an environmental conscious) MP Lee Rhiannon wants a Federal parliment investigation into the obviously shonky management practices at the zoo.  She feels that eight is too young for a elephant to be pregnant and that zoo officials should have done more to stop this from happening.

Now… are you getting any visuals here.  Small homo sapein between rear end of young and inviting Thong Dee and her Studly-Dudley, Gung a mature and very healthy male Asian elephant.  What does she suggests, an elephant condom?  They’re not Catholic Ms Rhiannon, they don’t believe in abstance or the withdrawl method.

Nevermind, it’s no use crying over spilt…er…the deed is done and Thong Dee is pregnant and the issue is, is she really old enough yet?  Those who know about elephants, those who study and worked with them for years say, ‘…if you’re old enough to do the crime; you’re old enough to do the time…’.  She’s healthy, she’s within a perfectly normal size range for an animal her age and sucessful pregancies have all over the world at this age and younger, what’s the problem?!

With a 22 month gestation period, the active and healthy Thong Dee, will be 10 when the baby is born so I can’t see what all the fuss is really about.


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