The lifegiving flow


Gentlemen, this is a warning.  This entry is going to be about periods.

 It seems we do not have to chop up tiny babies to find wonder cells-stem cells- they’re found almost everywhere, including menstrual blood.

 It is well know that useful stem-cells have been found in the uterine lining, but not until recently was it know that a vast number of viable stem-cells could be harvested right from menstrual blood.  In fact, they’re finding 30 times more stem cells in the monthly rag than in bone marrow.  To top it off, procedures to collect and store the cells are less evasive than bone marrow collection and available on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual plan.

Tests so far have made the harvested stem cells constrict in a regular pattern like heart cells so great things are hoped for this miracle cells that we’d normally flush down the toilet each month.

Now I’ll try not to make any sexist remarks about men thinking the only way to make life is to destroy it…I’ll try.  It just astounds me that here is this fluid, the bane of every woman’s life, a cycle we would be happy to do without except it now seems to be …and please no visuals here…a fountain of eternal life.


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  1. Fascinating!! I could be wrong, but aren’t they also found in umbilical cord blood?
    The human body never ceases to amaze.

    PS: Haven’t heard anyone refer to them as ‘rags’ since I was 15!

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