A Jack Russell’s balls


What is it about Jack Russells and balls?  There seems to an affinity that other dog species I’ve know lack.  Even my border collie who will never pass the chance for a game of fetch knows when it’s time to just let the ball roll.  There’s a current television advertisement where a Jack Russel follow a cricket ball on the screen out a window.  This is the nature of the Jack Russel; see ball, must follow. 

My father, after an absents of 14 years, has gone back to playing golf.  As any good golfer, he’s been practicing at home, refining his long range driving accuracy into a net in the backyard and recently he was going over his short game by putting up the hallway. 

Banjo is 16 years old Jack Russell and has been a lazy dog all his life.  We reminisce that he’s so lazy that in the past he wouldn’t get up to bark but the lie flat out and bark into space regardless of the potential threat.  

So when my father set up his putting green in the hallway he didn’t think he had too much competition for his golf balls.  Why would the laziest dog he’s ever know get out of his cozy seat to cause a fuss. But as the balls started rolling down the lino towards the frilled plastic cup something in the lazy dogs brain snapped. 

The practice ball flashed down the hall toward the cup and out springs the Octogenarian Jack Russell, snaps up the ball in his broken teeth and scampers off with it.  Thinking that Banjo was now happy to settle down with his new possession, my father selects a new ball and send it down the hall.  Out scampers the Jack Russell, grabs the new balls and goes back to his slowly growing ball hoard with his prize. I see this as a good thing.  Dad practices his short game and the lazy dog get’s off his fluffy backside and does a little gentle exercise.


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  1. Winston was absolutely bonkers about golf balls. I used to sell bags full of them back to the golfers and made a fortune in pocket money. They make great ratters in the UK also.

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