What temperature?


Last night’s national news program had an article on the  Georgian elections andcoldweather.jpg subsequent protests.  To my shame the thing that caught my attention was not the use of tear gas and water cannon on a large but relatively peaceful crowd, or the ambition of one man who disregarded his peoples basic needs over the economic strength of his country.  These important facts were swept aside by the news reader comments that the temperature in Georgia during the riots was “-0”.

-0?  What sort of temperature is that?  Is it so cold it’s flipped into a parrallel universe of cold? Is it cold with a negative attitude?  Is it weather poking it’s tongue out at the wet and teary protestors?

 It scares me when even professional communicators make really dumb mistakes with language.  If people who’s sole purpose is to provide information messing up this bad, what chance have the rest of us got?


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