Where’s the Tardis


I work in a public library and like all customer services providers we have our fair share of odd stories.

 I was listening out the back while my team leader dealt gently and patiently with a member of the public who wanted to use a computer.  Now the customer in question did not speak a lot of English, but it didn’t make the conversation any less enjoyable to listen to.

” I have no computers now, can I book you for one later?”

“Ah yes, 10 o’clock.”

“I can’t give you 10 o’clock as it is now 12 o’clock…”

“11 o’clock?”

“But I can’t give you 11, it is 12 o’clock.  I can give you 1 o’clock.

“1 o’clock?  Not 12 o’clock.”tardis-key.jpg

“No, I do not have any computers free.  Would you like 1 o’clock?

“1 o’clock?”

At times like these you wonder where the keys to the Tardis are.

Another incident that happens often that would benefit from a Tardis are ‘claims returns”.  This is when the customer is sure they’ve brought the book back but it is still on their card.  Often they’ll get abusing, saying staff hid the book on purpose and other far fetched claims. Now, sometimes they are right and the item is on our shelf, but mostly it’s at home or fallen under the car seat, or cousin Julia borrowed it etc…  When the items is returned and we find out where the stray library material had hidden we need the keys to the Tardis so we can go back and tell them exactly where that stray item is.  It would solve a lot of frustration in the long run.

So, have you seen the Tardis anywhere?                                   


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