Gotta have a little woman


It seems there’s not so much difference between the supposed testosterone driven male and his estrogen producing prey as you might be led to believe.  Maybe these heroes need to redefine themselves as estrogen driven.

 On a recent science-based television show the presenters showed two young healthy males.  Full of life and ready to share it with the nearest pretty girl.   Prime examples of what they would like to consider themselves, Studs, they preened their glossy coats and neighed as the passing fillies wandering the beach-side suburb.

One of these young men was asked to be part of an experiment, a blood test, to see at what levels estrogen and testosterone were present.  These results were then compared to a healthy post-menopausal woman.  It seemed our Studly Dudley had twice as much estrogen as the grandmother; and for both, that was very normal.

Studies done with mice at the Prince Henry’s Institute of Medical Research have shown that males who are unable to produce estrogen lose their sex drive.  In fact, they were fat, sat happily in a corners while receptive females strutted their stuff right in front of them .

 So men, don’t be so keen to boast of your testosterone driven prowess; it could be just a passion for trainspotting that your alluding to.


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