No Yule Barbie for me, thanks.


There was a news report last night on the Australian obsession with the Traditional Baked Christmas meal.  Baked meat, baked vegetables followed by a rich and highly spiced plum pudding.  The reporter mentioned the small minority of sensible people that ate seafood and BBQ in lieu of all this overheated decadence claiming that these meals are more commonsense in our hot and steamy environment. 

My friend had a Christmas BBQ over the weekend, subscribing to this common sense theory.  Fortunately for Sydney (and unfortunately for the party) the rain fell in tropical torrents.  Though commonsense did demand preparations in case of rain, no tarpaulin made was meant to withstand the amount of rain that fell that evening.  This didn’t stop the BBQ, never to be daunted, the party moved inside and the cooking of meat continued under the patio.  As the guests wafted in and out of the house, so too did the cooking smoke constantly setting off the shrill bleeps of the smoke detector.

Now came the illogical, richly spiced and thoroughly uncommon sense Christmas Pudding that a guest had kindly donated to the party.  While outside the rain pelted down, the only sound to be heard insides was the ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ of guests as the dessert haloed in blue flame made it’s way through the house.  Not a sound did the smoke detector make, maybe it too was in awe of the tradition being displayed below.

 So though we do live in a country where 30+ degrees centigrade is the norm for the 25th, we need to pay our respects to tradition this Christmas and enjoy a good roast and plum pudding always keeping in mind that cold roast meat sandwiches are an wonderful boxing day meal.


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  1. Indeed. In our family it’s hot food in summer and icecream in winter. I don’t think our ancestors ever readjusted their bodies to the local climate and we end up with eating icecream in front of the heater. Hmm.

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